Saturday, June 30, 2007

Finally we are getting closer to the exhibition. But don't despair if you haven't sent in your knitting there is still time - up until 11 July, so if you are thinking of sending your work in please do.

I have received some beatiful work from Jejune and Dotter including one very recalcitrant and perhaps slightly remorseful escapologist lamb - Lulu Knowing that her heart is in the right place although there is no strong confirmation that all the bling has been safely returned to K, one Lulu is in my care for the next six weeks. In all fairness, Lulu should not be denied the audiences she is used to attracting, and so being asked to pass judgement upon her actions, Lulu will be doing community service in the Knit1 Blog1 exhibition as of 13 July. In this way she will still be accessiable to her fans and all visitors are welcome, with visiting hours between 10am - 4pm Tuesday to Friday and 12 - 4pm Sat & Sun.

Gifts such as file cakes are welcome, rotten tomato throwing isnt, but people will be able to view the (in)famous lamb in person in the gallery. Just in case you can't come in person regular updates of her wellbeing will be posted on this blogsite. After talking to Jejune, I know that we will have to ask all who attend the opening not to pass Lulu any wine at this key event, I'm assured it could get nasty!

Numerous events are planned to coincide with Knit1 Blog1. We have a number of workshops for all knitting levels coming up and we are also having a blogging workshop where any number of blogging tricks will be exposed. Ampersand Duck is hosting this for Craft ACT and I can assure you, that along with my knitting workshop attendances, this will definintely be a high light as I am in dire need of a few tips.

Has anyone ever wondered how hard it is to get around blogging. Most people work it out as they go, and yep that's me, but for an erratic time consumed blogger, sometimes I just want instant knowledge. Hence the workshop.

And I am definitley chekcing into the knitting workshops, socks, scarves, how to interpret patterns, how to rescue stalled projects its all there.

All the times etc will be posted next week. So stay tuned and see you at Knit1 Blog1 - or visit this site between 13 July and 26 August and post a comment.

Barbara (the not so stern director)

Friday, June 22, 2007

I can't believe it is almost the end of June. So much to do and so little..... We all know the mantra.

I have finally finished completing the Craft ACT 3 yr business plan which has been submitted to our local arts funding body. I am immortalising its very dull front cover!

It is such a big task and takes more time than I really have. The Craft ACT board and staff came together for a planning day and from that we got our 20 page plan (presecribed length) and a few attachments. Phew. My desk is still complete chaos as I am trying to catch up with everything else.

Now it is on to much more fun stuff. This is the fabulous scarf from Striped Scarf using her own pattern arrived from Canada yesterday. Thanks so much its just great to get some knitting out of the virtual world here in Canberra and see it and touch it. It is very appropriate for Canberra as we are at the coldest part of the year and its all about scarves here!

We are coming to the end of our current 2 exhibitions: the Cicely and Colin Rigg Design Award - 2006 was for Jewellery and the exhibition is stunning with such great work in it:

The image of the gallery is using a fish eye lense, I love the distortion, it is very hard to get alot into the bigger overview shots and Steve our photographer does a pretty good job, although hard to see in this small format. The close up of jewellery is by Sally Marsland who was the winner.

The other show, Decades and Diversity is very special focussing on the work of Solvig Baas Becking, a wonderful woman who immigrated to Australia in the 1960's and was a passionate weaver. Since arriving she became very inolved in the arts sector and was on the first board of the Australia Council's, Craft Board, and was on the first council of the Canberra School of Art and was on the first Board of Craft ACT (then the ACT Craft Council). She is very elderly now and this exhibition shows many of her important woven pieces borrowed back for the show. But it also shows the work of 3 other women. Solvig mentored Pam McDougall, who taught Fay skyring, who mentored Di Landsdown. This show brings all their talents and skills together as we celebrate the great contribution made by Solvig.
These shows have one more week then on to Knit1 Blog1 and a solo exhibition by ceramic artist Bev Hogg - Weaving Dry Water. We will be running workshops during the exhibition on the weekends of 21/22 July and 11/12 August covering knitting basics, to knitting fancy socks to recovering your knitting from the "Can't do" basket.
Thanks to all who have responded its great.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Its Tuesday 6 June and I have just come back from Melbourne for a long weekend sojourn. It was wonderful to get away from the writing the business plan and hang out with friends and indulge in the delights of Melbourne food and wine and friends.

I went to see an excellent exhibition of work by Kitty Kantilla, a wonderful painter from Melville Island. She did extraordinary work and to see it all in one place meant you could see a real progression in her work. It is currently showing at the National Gallery of Victoria Australia, Ian Potter Centre.

Chipper has been seen putting a blanket on himself because it is getting very cold here in Canberra - ideal for knitters.

And even Alby has been seen cuddling up to Louie for a bit of extra warmth.
Bronwen has been busy knitting and after a couple of bad attempts to get onto the blog, I am hoping to see the results of some new knitting soon on this site.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hi All,

Well Diana who is the Curator of Public Programs at Craft ACT, and our designer extrodinaire has designed the graphic for the exhibition. I am going to try and insert it into our header, as I hav just upgraded our template. Much better.

I am also putting on the logo's of our funding partners, as we are a not for profit funded arts organisation. We are funded by the ACT Government (our local arm of government for Canberra) and by the Australia Council, the Federal Governments arts funding and advisory body.

I have received an email from one person who may be in the show and she has suggested her daughter, who also blogs. Its great to see the cross of generations coming into play in this project. In fact it hits som many different people the knitting blogging universe, its a gold mine out there.

Just in case I can't get the logo's into the header here they are below.

Supported by the ACT Government

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hi All,

Things are picking up and Bronwen and I are becoming busy emailing and blogging.

But we would like more - much more knitting from anyone who wants to join in this project.
So here it is:

CALLING ALL KNITTING BLOGGERS: If you would like to send some of your knitting to be in the first exhibition about knitters who blog then contact us. We would love to chat to you and have you and your knitting in the show. All you have to do is send it in and we will send it back.

Got to My Profile and email Barbara and I will send you the participation form.

Here is a picture of something that Bronwen knitted that sits on my wall at home, I love it!

I need to add some more images including logs's but will have to do that from work as I can't change the picture formats of the logo's here at home.
Hope to hear from you soon.