Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hi All,

I don't know about any of you, but with spring on the edges, it seems like the work just continues to buildup to keep your head from raising up to the sights and smells of wonderful spring. Can't wait.

Yet another hectic few days at the desk and no new knitting rows on my scarf, groan. Still one consolation I am posting today yippee.

Its bits and pieces today. I had a wonderful email from a good friend who is now living in the UK (not happy Jan) and she sent me a pick of a wonderful blanket that she made for her chick.
Isn't it beautiful, she's a natural for anything she turns her hand to and that in not in the least an exaggeration. She studied painting at the ANU School of Art, we were students there at the same time, and then went on to do a degree in Architecture and she just knits like that and changes the pattern to suit her needs. To read her funny story about pattern changing check out her fledgling blog warm jewel, its a delight.

A good friend of mine has a blog about the world of glass making and happenings. She is now reporting on other art happenings and she has global reporters dropping in many stories. For a good read (she can definitely write) and to see another view of the world of glass check out glasscentral.

Kevin Murray the Director of Craft Victoria is a very busy man, if he is not working on the Craft Victoria program, of the wonderful south project, he is probably presenting a paper at a conference overseas, or writing for the paper or producing a radio show or just writing an article for one of his many clogs - craft blogs - that feature on the Craft Victoria website. Check out this website for a wealth of information, their online publication Craft Culture is a great read too. Kevin was in Canberra recently and visited Knit1 Blog1 and now it has been featured in an article he wrote for the Craft Revival Trust. You can view it here and see how he connects the links about craft and the Internet age.

In the meantime here is another story from our participants:

I learned to knit as a small child and then as many do, cast it aside for other activities. In university I came back to the art and relearned the skill, my hand never really forgot but my mind needed a little coaching. When I was living in Asia I began a blog to keep in tough with my family and friends. Through that blog I discovered the wonderful world of knitting bloggers. Over the years my blog has evolved into a place to showcase my knitting, gripe about life, share events and perhaps most surprisingly a way of keeping in touch with the community of virtual friends that has developed.
asia adventure

I love being creative. Ever since I was a small child, I’ve done many things to express myself creatively but knitting came as a big surprise. I started knitting in January 2006. This was my fourth time attempt. Any previous attempt was an exercise of frustration. But this time I had the internet at my fingertips… literally and that made the difference. And thanks to free instructional videos KnittingHelp.com, I learned long-tail cast on and continental knitting. But, even with these tools at my disposal, I still managed to find my own style of knitting, which I discovered later, could be called Combination (or Combined) knitting. And the rest… as they say is history,

I’m not sure why I started my knitting blog but I’m finding that I enjoy it. I’m very much a solitary knitter, so the blog give me a chance to share the joys and frustrations of knitting and commiserate with people who understand. To communicate about this highly challenging (and expensive) hobby with other people is very cool.

I’ve discovered the therapeutic effects of knitting, discovered a love of fibre, challenge myself in many different ways and met some very nice people in the knitblogging world. Its been quite the journey, this last year and a half…and I know It’s just begun …so stayed tuned!

Saffron Knits

Two years ago a dear friend encouraged me back into knitting, after a twenty year hiatus. She showed me Knitty.com. She took me to Stitch’n Bitch – and suddenly something just clicked on inside. I was utterly hooked, and it shows no sign of abating! In the past two years I have become involved in the most wonderful group of women of all ages, and reconnected with the whole tradition of craft and female companionship (not that we don’t welcome men!). I find knitting relaxing, creative, challenging, and endlessly fascinating.

Part of this community has developed through my Blog, which I started because my friend started one, and she started hers because a friend had one… and so it goes. I didn’t really know what I’d say at first, but I’ve found it to be a great place to let my friends know what I’m up to, record my achievements, keep track of what projects I’m working on, ask for help, make friends, share knitting patterns, tips, recipes – a place to have a bit of fun, and forget daily hassles.

Jejune's Place

My mum taught me how to knit when I was young, but I started knitting obsessively when I was 14. I knit everywhere – on the bus to school, in class, at home. Recently I got a spinning wheel – well, actually, two spinning wheels. So now I can knit with yarn I’ve spun myself.

In 2005 Mum and I started going to Stitch’n Bitch, and I met my Yarn Sisters! I started my Blog in January 2006. I don’t update it that much, but I like to put up my drawings of kittens and yarn, and photos of my current projects. I like having a record online of what I’ve done, and getting comments and help from my friends even if I can’t see them.

Othlon's Demon Knits

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Love warm jewel's blanket - thanks for putting up our stories, too. Hope you have some knitting time soon!