Thursday, August 16, 2007

stories & mischief

Thanks Trudy for your very comprehensive coverage of my burgeoning knitting skills and inventive use of skewers - what can I say I only had one set of needles and I needed to start my short circuit served me very well in my time of need.

I have another story from the knitters in Knit 1 Blog 1:

My Nonna taught me to knit when I was about 7. I started with knitted items for toys including a jumper for my favourite teddy.

As a teenager I tackled a complex Aran sweater for myself- but I had not grasped the notion of gauge swatch at this stage so the jumper was more suitable for a child than me. I did the same with an emerald green jumper in beehive stitch - of which only a small square remains. I have only just realised the importance of the gauge watch after spending 6 months on a 4ply lace cardie which was then too small.

In 2000 I was working in Melbourne for 6 months and not knowing many people started knitting again. I knitted a long Dr Who inspired scarf in pink, green, orange and yellow, then a multi coloured jumper for my godson. Two years later back in Melbourne again- over winter I found myself at Sunspun in Canterbury. The amazing textures and colours seduced me into knitting with a passion. It was about this time I discovered and started browsing the web for ideas and inspiration.

I toyed with the idea of a blog for at least two years. My knitting community in both the groups I participate with and on the web inspired me to start blogging earlier this year. I was working on the Gold Coast. I need to feel connected with my community and share my knitting frustrations and elation's with more than my poor workmates. Kris at has encouraged me from the start and inspires both my blogging and knitting.

Dad’s rug was a project that I started for Dad when he was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease. I picked the colours he liked and felt that this was something that I could do for him. I could think about him with every stitch I made. It was his mother who had taught me to knit. Dad only used the rug for about 4 months before he passed away and I was happy that he had all my stitches with him for some time at least.

Knitting is for me a meditation process. I enjoy planning what to knit, the colour and texture. Researching and discovering new techniques and patterns, then the actual process of knitting is very meditative. I definitely need to knit everyday. And at the end there is a finished item.

Justine is not my first design but one where I combined the rhythm of a lace pattern with a simple garment. I wanted a simple lace pattern that knitted up to a rhythm, one easy to memorise and knit. I was inspired by a children’s song, Watermelon written by Justine Clarke and the languid nature of summer.

Anna-Maria has been knitting on and off since she was a child.
She rediscovered the knitting obsession in January 2006 after a 10 year break.
Her obsession with craft blogs started soon after when she stumbled across an article about Loobylu ( in an old Wired magazine.
Within 6 weeks The Shopping Sherpa (the blog) was born and had been demanding to be fed ever since.

I think Trudy's reporting excursion inspired some rebellion in the gallery last night

The camera flash caught them enjoying themselves on missyfee's blanket

Too much wine and cupcakes is a dangerous thing for a lamb and a bunny, slurping from the jug and then two satisfied, one might say soaked gals, contemplate what the stars might look like if it weren't for the gallery ceiling

Recruiting one of Bev's rabbits, Lulu bonds straight away, and Trudy is contemplating the funnel...

Longing for the city lights, bright nights and the end to community service, I don't think Lulu's ways will change.....


The Shopping Sherpa said...

I'm thinking you're going to miss those two when the exhibition finishes...


Michelle said...

I wonder who is leading who astray?
My money's on Lulu...

See you at Knit in today!

Jejune said...


Lulu is never going to change... she's just naughty through and through! I hope Trudy Bunny has escaped the worst of Lulu's bad influences!