Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Thanks for the advice on the socks - I think I will have to try it out for myself.

Knit1 Blog1 has been visited by so many people both virtually and physically and I love the way almost every visitor to the gallery loves to talk about "their" knitting project.

A common refrain I hear is: " I still have the baby jumper I started knitting for my niece who is now 22 years old", or "I just could never finish anything and my mother finished them for me", or "I haven't knitted for years I probably wouldn't know where to start", or "I still have a piece of knitting hanging around from 10 years ago".

Well as I have been telling these visitors and to anyone else out there who might be a reader and knit a knitting blogger, or you know someone struggling, we have the perfect workshop for you.

This Sunday 12 August from 10am to 1pm you can come along to the Craft ACT gallery and sit down with super duper friendly and supreme experts Denise and Penny who will individually start your knitting off again. Mend any gaps, untangle any knots, remedy bad sequences, translate the almost untranslatable for any one who has that bag with the knitting that has been there for well over 12 months or more, or less! Begin the end of the project today!

Lulu snuck out, grabbed some of my Happy Spider wool, a pair of knitting needles and said
"Piece of Cake"

Knicked my filofax and tried to cast on

Trudy came too for the action and knowing she could add some advice

Further consultation of the very limited notes

I know I know I know

I think....

Heated discussion

It's MY project

Help - knitting first aid...

see you there


Jejune said...

ROFL! Oh my! You're going to have to keep your knitting MUCH higher up, Barb! I hope there was no lasting damage...

Still laughing :D

Bells said...

One question: what was she doing out of her prison?????

Knit1 Blog1 said...

Lulu has certain needs that are not met in her cosy cubicle. And after all this is community service not incarceration, so we try to take a humane and rehabilitative approach at all times. This includes much needed fresh air and some other activities to reduce the potential for depression or loneliness. I have found that regular small retreats out of the cosy cubilcle and with her friend Trudy are, on the whole, beneficial, but she is oh so wily.

By the way Jejune, only the wool was mine, the 3 rows of dodgy, gappy, holey knotted knitting was entirely the fabrication of Lulu and Trudy. Quite the knitting duo!

Michelle said...

Good grief! You'd better keep an eye on those two trouble makers, Barb. They'll steal all the happyspider wool in the sales case before you know it!

Honeygo Beasley said...

How cute!

Roxie said...

That Lulu - give her an inch, and she'll take your knitting!