Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The knitting lesson (by Roving Reporter Trudy Bunny)

The Shopping Sherpa came to visit Barb this afternoon and I was allowed to go for afternoon tea with them as long as I promised to behave (of course! Don't I always?!) and not interrupt the private knitting lesson needed as Barb had missed this week's Stitch n Bitch.

But they graciously allowed me to pass on the important knitting stuff to know that was discussed.

Important knitting stuff to know number 1:Don't point out your mistakes. Other people probably won't notice them unless you show them.

Important knitting stuff to know number 2:

If you don't notice your mistake until you've knitted too much to want to frog, simply incorporate it into your design.

In this case, one backward scarfy bit (I'm a rabbit, not a knitter!) 4 repeats back could be skillfully made to look deliberate by working the next scarfy bit backwards and continuing to do the same every fifth repeat. Thus producing a unique, one of a kind creation. Mistake? What mistake?!

Important knitting stuff to know number 3:

This is NOT a knitting needle. It's easier to knit on knitting needles than on skewers especially if you're a beginner!

Important knitting stuff to know number 4:

How to join on another ball of wool (and not need to darn in the ends later)

a)Knit (or purl) using the first ball of wool until there is about 8cm left (of the width of the hand you're holding the wool with.) Take the new ball and place the beginning of it against the wool you are about to knit the next stitch with.

b)Knit with both strands of wool until the old wool runs out (usually about 5 stitches) c) continue knitting with the new ball of wool(On the way back, remember to knit into both strands of the five stitches otherwise you'll have some sudden unexpected increase action happening) And remember, although metal knitting needles make fine skewers and cake testers in a pinch, the opposite is not usually true...

Love and carrots


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Jejune said...

Great job there Barb! The scarf is looking wonderful, and it's very true about no-one else noticing mistakes. Glad you got some Trudy Bunny help there :)