Thursday, August 02, 2007

Today after my talk at the ANU School of Art Art Forum on this exhibition and blog Knit1 Blog1 , Annie Trevillian and Jennifer Robertson brought the textile students to visit. The following are words from the students themselves......

This exhibition has surprised and inspired me with the millions of different knit patterns possible. I'm not much of a knitter myself but could see myself getting into it more after looking at this.

... I wonder if this rebirth of knitting is an indication of a shift in society.

...this exhibition has made me realise im a truly talentless knitter but i aspire to finish the scarf i started 10 years ago.

my favourite pieces in this exhibition are the miniature cabled cushions; they are amazingly fine and intricate.

:) woo hoo

there is so much more to knitting than scratchy sweaters and scarfs. i wonder what those cupcakes taste like...

My thoughts on knitting have come a long way from the scarves that I used to knit for my toys when I was a child...I am truly inspired by the remarkable patterns and modern design that is possible!!

Today's forum and the collection of blogs was a very insightful insight into the huge world of knitting bloggers. I thought it was an interesting point that Chris Chapman made about the ratio of woman to men interested in knitting.

i like the little black rabbit i think it is a really good way of using the speciality wool which i don't normally like...

Never before have i seen such an amazing range of knitting techniques. This exhibition has really changed the way i originally looked at the craft. It has such talent!!!!

i have a jumper my mother knitted in the 70's that i love and wear all the time.. there is the question of knittings new popularity but to me its always had its place

My aunty Freda died and her best friend, my mother inherited all the unfinished knitting projects. Over a few years she completed all of the projects including a beautiful knee rug which I have in my studio. My mum used up every ball of wool knitting jumpers for children and donated them to charity. I still have the bakelite round container for the wool and her knitting needles and the fake red leather knitting needle holder and the bell shaped needle sizer.

I borrowed a book from the Dickson library about 10 years ago and I would love to know the name of it. It was about how to knit a garden including vegetables. When I showed this book to my sister she thought it was hilarious. She asked me why would you want to knit vegetables? Why wouldn't you just grow the real things? Well you know I would like to knit my favourite vegetables - like an eggplant and pumpkin. In this exhibition The ShoppingSherpa has knitted one dozen cupcakes. They are beautifully iced and decorated and would look fantastic on my kitchen bench. Thanks to all the exhibitors - it is a great show and a good jumping off point into blogsville.


Janette said...

Hi Barbara
Have been following the Knit 1 Blog 1 blog and enjoying all the posts and comments.

Info on the knitted garden book one of the students enquired about. I'm fairly certain it's a Nancy Merchant book. they are quite hard to acquire and expensive on ebay. Nancy produced a number of books which appear now and again on or uk.

Looking forward to visiting the exhibition. I'm due in Canberra Fri/Sat August 17/18, so if you are about I'll look forward to meeting you.

Knit1 Blog1 said...

Hi Janette,

thanks so much for your help with the book, Ill pass that on. I will be here on Friday 17 so I hope you can pop in then, I look forward to it.