Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Knitting Stories

Once you start talking about knitting, knitting starts talking to you. I have heard many stories about knitting, it often sits within the realm of nostalgia as something one used to do, a bonding session between child and parent or grandparent, something that is reminiscent of growing up. Yet the reality is that it is very much a here and now activity, not new to you knitters out there, but something I like to suggest to those people who think it is someething about the past. Knitting is about skill, hand making, the joy of sharing and being productive in the world at large.

One of our members was inspired by the show and shared a story about a knitted doll and its maker that was an inspiration to this artists career. Here it is:

I have a beautiful little knitted teddy made by Eileen Keys called Dolly. Dolly was a member of The Teddy Bears Picnic knitted by Eileen from wool that she had spun by hand and dyed with natural dyes that she had sourced locally. When I saw them all together, I fell for Dolly and I think she is very beautiful. I met Eileen when I was at art school in 1988, at that time I was a ceramics student and I interviewed her for an essay. She very kindly came to visit us at the ceramics workshop. Her work has influenced my art practice as she explored what was available to her in her immediate environment.

For Knit1 Blog1 we asked the participants if they would share their stories about knitting and blogging. They are diverse, unexpected, illuminating and worth reading. So here are a few to start the ball rolling;

I used to write novels. In 2004 I made the decision to give that up and found myself feeling a bit lost without a strong creative outlet. I picked up knitting needles for the first time in more than a decade and within a year I was obsessed but fairly isolated.

Online searches led me to blogs and to information about Canberra knitters who met regularly. Eventually, I got the courage to show up. Soon after, feeling left out of the blogging fun, I started Bellsknits. Sometimes I think blogging is almost as fun as knitting and it’s opened up a world of new friends to me.

Blogging is a dairy of sorts, but once words are placed in a blog, it is no longer private, personal or secret as it would be in a diary, though some write as if it is- you are sharing with the world and they read it and comment…and so it is that I blog about my passion- hand knitting.

I stumbled into blogging two years ago and discovered a plethora of people who are as passionate about this ancient craft as I am. I cannot remember when I began… I’ve been knitting from an early age and always enjoyed the process, and it is a process. With an end result that always amazes. Stich by stich, row by row, hour by hour, but exciting at the same time… The completed piece is usually something you cannot purchase, a one off… something that is uniquely you!

Blogging is the same - uniquely you, but in words and pictures. As any blogger knows, once you read one knitting blog, it inevitably leads to another and another. Before you know it, hours fly by in seconds…stich by stich, word by word.

I’m a designer/ knitter living in Sydney, with a library that would rival most book stores and a stash that has now become embarrassing.

In 2003 I wrote and published a knitting book- an exciting time in my life.

At home in my studio is where dreams and designs originate.

My secret life only knitters understand and acknowledge. We meet and laugh, nibble, sip and knit, review and discuss patterns and yarn, model each knit as it is completed… exciting, inspiring, rewarding… it is friendship… it is a world I will never tire of.

My non-blogging/knitting friends and family know nothing of this life.

Blogging is a seriously satisfying and demanding action and medium. It fulfils many things for people as the stories will show.

wonder what miss lulu has been up to lately.........

to be continued

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