Monday, August 13, 2007

Time to do everything

Tonight was the first Bitch'n'Stitch at the Front Gallery in Lyneham. I missed it.

Instead of catching up with a bunch of fabbo knitters I was at a function to welcome the new arts editor for our local newspaper, the Canberra Times. Diana Streak was appointed to this position at the end of July and Canberra Arts Marketing hosted a networking event for arts administrators and artists to meet with her and other representatives from the Canberra Times. This was a great opportunity to meet Diana face to face and allowing her to put names to the numerous emails that come across her desk.

But I would really have liked to have been at the Stitch'n'Bitch and there are a number of reasons for that. 1 - it would have been good to finally sit down with these fabbo knitters at a place that isn't my work and where I am not compelled to jump up and attend to other business during our Friday knits ins. 2 -I am running out of wool on my short circuit scarf (I can hardly believe it) and need to learn how to join another ball of wool to my knitting - this is crucial. 3 I haven't been to the Front for ages and I'd love to see their latest show there. Three great reasons and only one all compelling WORK reason kept me away.

Sometimes you feel like a big loose floppy stretched jumper that there is no tightness to your day, no neat endings, but rather an all encompassing need to cover everything, and all you want to cover is just one small thing, very well and very snugly. Lately there have been so many deadlines it feels as if I am traipsing from one meeting to the next and not getting enough time to sit down and do the job. Yes its great to meet Diana and make sure she knows some of the faces of Craft ACT, essential in fact if we want to keep getting print media coverage, but there is always something isn't there. It is important as we have not had print media coverage on this show, but we have had fantastic blog coverage, which I think has reached far more people than the print media - thanks for all your support out there. The radio has also really picked up on the Knit1 Blog1 show and all the antics that make up the Festival of Contemporary Art - I think I have done up to 5 interviews all in all. Phew at times it feels like a blur and then you pull out your knitting and keep going.

In my home we are usually a family of two with one cat and a dog. Recently Jane's sister has been renovating her house and so we are now we are a family of 6 with 2 dogs and 2 cats. Actually this is the second visit, they were with us in June and have come back after house sitting elsewhere. Louie the cat was left with us as he couldn't move into the other house and all was going well until we went away for a weekend, they came and fed him, but unfortunately he upped and left before we got home. At first we weren't too alarmed as he had made 3 journeys back to the renovation home and always made it back, but unfortunately he has been missing for 2 weeks. The family moved in on the Saturday just passed and who should turn up back at the renovation house but Louie himself, where he was whisked up by Ruth who just happened to be visiting and brought home again. So he is back and we are once again the Italian Family, as our good friend Megan likes to call us. It was a bit bleak for a while and on my short circuit scarf on that Saturday I did two triangles that went the wrong way, instead of the longest side being the outside of the scarf I accidentally made it the inside edge, I had my first taste of unravelling and promise to pay more attention next time. It has been teaching em to look and read my knitting though Jejune - so there is always an upside.

I was chatting to Bronwen Sandland today and she has started her first sock project after being inspired by the show and all the knitters in Knit1 Blog1. Yippee a new sock knitter. She is making knee length high socks, we haven't quite worked out why and she is just up to turning a heel which she said was a bit tricky, but she is really happy to be there after getting a wee bit bored on the length of the sock. She has promised to send a picture in and I will post it once its in. Apparently she and Sharon, who came to the short circuit scarf class and is a classy knitter herself, is also doing her first sock, another satisfied customer.

One of our members has been following the show and blog and she wrote to me a story of how she was inspired by a friend who knitted and how she came in possession of a wonderful knitted doll. I'll be putting her story up to with her photo of her doll its beautiful.

Also I have decided to put up all the great stories from the participants about how they came to knit and blog these are beautiful stories and just a great collection of whys and what-for's.

I hope everyone had a good time at the Front tonight- no I am not jealous, just green with envy. Oh well, lucky they are regular happenings and I will be able to drop in on the next one. Apologies Shopping Sherpa.
Isn't he handsome - we are so glad he's back.


The Shopping Sherpa said...

That's OK although you were missed :-)

If you want to live it vicariously go here:

Michelle said...

Yes, you were missed, but there are other northside-y SnBs to come to, even if the coffee and cafe isn't as fabulous as the Front.

See you Friday!

Neet said...

It was a lovely night at Lyneham... complete with a big friendly black dog! Hope you can come next time!!

Jejune said...

Glad your cat has turned up again...

And for help on how to join a new ball of yarn in, look at
this web site
, and scroll down to where it says 'Joining Yarn'. You can do it!