Friday, August 24, 2007

Last knit in

Thanks quilting mick for letting me know that Friday has kept you desk bound even though it isn't the end of the month!

But never fear Wendy our other faithful knit-in attendee turned up to do a few more rows on one of the brightest and happiest shawls we've seen in a long time.When she first arrived we think it was only about 1/3 of the length it is now, so we have taken photo's to demonstrate how much it has grown. Wendy just informed me that she is 150cm tall and so we figure it is about 140-145cm long, which is fantastic. The shawl is a special gift for her daughter who is getting married in November.
Well it is the last weekend of the Knit1 Blog1 the exhibition and on Monday the works will be packed up and sent back home. What then? Well this is the question - what will we do with Knit1 Blog1 the blog after Sunday? Any idea's?
I will be mullinh it over on the weekend.

Emily Howes

This is my first blog entry ever, which is extremely lax as I really like blogs. In fact I'm interested in them to the extent of devoting three years of my life on a PhD on the subject of what I refer to as "renegade craft" (after a fair in New York + Chicago of the same name). To me, at this early stage, my awkward definition for renegade craft is: an internet-based craft revival, mostly driven by young people who adopt hand-making as a means to circumvent the consumer cycle. Essentially, how does one disrupt a dependence on consumer goods from multinationals, the mass, the dodgy, the unethical? Make the stuff yourself. The objects they make are often quite street-based, contain pop culture references, are quite ironic, recycle materials and meanings. I'm still trying to put my finger on it, but the morbidly curious could check out to learn more.

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Felicity said...

What Emily has to say is rather fascinating. Do you have a link to any other information on this research she is doing?